Past Prize Winners

2022 -Spice Girls (Abby Mosby and Susan Crawford) These Spice Girls know how to bring the flavor! This team was sweet as pie – as they showed their spicy baking skills, and they baked cookies just for the volunteers! They were in true team spirit before, during, and after the event. Their costumes were fun and clever from top to bottom, and you always knew where the spice girls were as you would hear a woo-hoo or yay along the course. Their great team spirit spiced up the race and it was hard not to want to join this group. The Spice Girls are definitely diamonds in a rhinestone world!

2021 -The Dolly Partners (Mallory Bailey and Suzanne Duckworth) We'll ALWAYS LOVE the Dolly Partners and remember a rainy 2021 Lost Loon to which they brought some much needed sunshine! Seeing their curly wigs all around the course and smiling singing faces, you'd never have known that this was their first (and hopefully not their last) Lost Loon! 

2019 -The Wedding Party (The McGinley Family, Desirae Forte, and Evan Forte) The Wedding Party really said "I Do" to the Lost Loon Triathlon. They had creative costumes, team spirit, and lots of cheer as they went through the course. Let's give a toast to this amazing family. 

2018 -The Meat Sticks (LeeAnn Love and Anne Snyder)  Team Meat Steaks really showed up with Loon spirit this year. They went above and beyond with their bacon costumes and attitude. The Meat Sticks shared meat stick treats with all and really wowed us with their dazzling hula hoop skills on the running course. 

2017 -The "Ice Ice Baby Loons" (Colleen Lynch and Kim Stokes-Lanier) were the obvious winners of the 2017 Big Award. They cleverly riffed off the popular song by Vanilla Ice "Ice Ice Baby" in ways fantastic and fun. Judges were impressed by the large fake ice cubes they wore, with the clever additions of Baby Ruth Candy bars affixed to their costumes. The team members' upbeat attitude also helped carry it to the winner's podium.

2016 - The Three Little Piggies (Claudia Bennett, Madeline Bennett and Phoebe Stern) put up a strong fight this year at the Lost Loon Triathlon. Their pink outfits from nose to toes and their merry songs certainly won over the crowd. And as they proudly hoisted the Big Bad (stuffed) Wolf on a spike, there was no question that their team's house was not going to be blown down! Hurrah for the Piggies, and long live the Loon! 

2015Loon Royalty (Mary Ann and Daniel McGinley) traveled from across the pond to Long Hunter State Park in search of the Loon. They embodied the Loon spirit by competing with chivalry, manners, etiquette, charm and fashion. The McGinley's even provided a superb energy drink at high 9am tea time. Team Loon Loyalty takes home the grand prize! Cheers and carry on!

2014Mary and Tal Lefler and their kids, Jackson (Age 9, red ghost), Elizabeth (7, purple ghost) and Hamp (6, blue ghost). For encouraging one another. For friendliness from the very start. For positive and impressive participation across age levels and abilities. For creative costumes. And, to complete the package, for gobbling up the course!

2013Captain Hook (Jennifer Lightsey); Smee: (Jim Mauries); Tinkerbell (Lucy Mauries); Peter Pan (Thomas Mauries); Crocodile (Robbie McKay); Tiger Lily (Anna Claire McKay); Wendy: (Laurel McKay); Nana, the dog (Frances McKay); Lost Boy Fox: (Margaret McKay). The Peter Pan teams were chosen for excellence in teamwork and determination. Much support and sportsmanship were witnessed among and between the team members in true Loon fashion. The encouragement of team members and the finding of his lost feather quickly turned around even Peter Pan's disappointment with the shortened bike route. The costumes were amazing and truly demonstrated the Loon spirit and Peter Pan's legendary joy of never growing up and always being ready for the next big adventure. The teams stuck together and had massive amounts of fun!

2012Kaci and Chris Holz, and daughter Lanora (age 2). Awarded for impressive team and family unity; trying hard; and appearing to have a lot of fun. Dad did the entire race, mostly pulling Lanora along with him. They lived up to the "Incredibles" logo they wore; the judges also recognized the fantastic costume and general good cheer of all three racers.

2011Lisa and Dean Houston and their kids, Andy (age 12) and Hailey (10), for a true Lost Loon team effort. The entire Houston family participated in this Loon, the second year they raced. But Team Houston was particularly rewarded for a concerted family effort on behalf of Hailey. She had asked for a new triathlon bicycle for her birthday in May. Her parents diligently searched for the bike but every time they found a bike that would fit their daughter, it was found to have been sold before they could get to it. Finally—in the truest Lost Loon spirit--one week before the Lost Loon tri, Dean located a suitable bicycle in Atlanta.  The whole family loaded up and headed to Georgia to pick up the bike some three months past Hailey's birthday. And true to form, young Hailey completed the full distances— bike, canoe and trail run--for the first time at the race. Congrats to Team Houston!

2010Stephanie (snack distributor) and Joe (grand master of patience) Linford, and their children, Paige (professional cyclist), Grace (avid runner) and Will (stick and rock thrower), for exceptional bravery to attempt their very first Lost Loon Triathlon, sheer determination on the part of the pint-sized pink peddlers who hammered up the hills on single speed bikes alongside seasoned triathletes with dual derailleurs, unbridled enthusiasm (aka "smiling") throughout the course, and team cohesion for sticking together on the run despite their varying leg lengths and abilities.

2009Deborah and Brad Bohn, and their daughters Isabelle and Kit, for family spirit and individual valor in the face of knee-deep lake water.

2008Lisa and Roger Abramson and sons, Thomas and Benjamin, for most innovative canoe navigation.

2007Jody Reynolds & Michael Dukes, and their three children, Amala, Ryland and Grey, for setting the all-time record for the novel interpretation of course rules.

2006Skip Hindman and Tim Niarhos, fastest canoe leg.

2005Ike May and Matt Woolsey, fastest team.

2004Carrington and David Fox, last place finishers.